TED Talk

TEDxLSE delivered in London on the 10th March, 2018.

The contents of the talk overlap with the contents of the other two recent talks listed below, though the TED talk was intended to be easier for a lay audience.

The talk "Our microbial partners, and how to look after them" can be accessed via the YOUTUBE VIEWER further down this page

AgriResearch Conference--- Innovating for the future of farming and rural communities.

European Commission

Brussels 2nd & 3rd May, 2018 

My talk “Agriculture and other human activities, microbial ecosystems and health” can be accessed by scrolling down the conference website page. Then click on "Rook" and a pdf of the lecture will download.

Regional Workshop on Biodiversity and Health.


23-25 October 2017, Helsinki

Sponsored and organised by Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), United Nations Environment Programme and by the Health and Climate Change Team, World Health Organization (WHO).

My talk “Human microbiome and health benefits of exposure to microbial diversity in the environment”. is available here as a PDF file.